Financial and Actuarial
We speak your language!

Financial and Actuarial
We speak your language!

At Lenalysis we partner with our great customers to deliver successful projects by helping bridge the gap between IT and actuarial and financial modelling business experts.  We use our deep actuarial and financial domain expertise to help them capture opportunities using advanced technology solutions. We have been designing and delivering large scale actuarial, financial, and cloud computing applications for almost a decade.  We use our experience and knowledge to help deliver the most value, on time and within an agreed upon budget.


We can join your team and help with projects in any stage. Whether it is in initial scoping, project assessment, or postmortem.  Please reach out and let’s see how we can work together.

Drive business value through technology innovation


Whitepaper: Modern Engineering Practices in Finance

Practices have emerged in technology organizations over the last two decades to assist in the management of portfolios of applications and data. These modern practices have significantly benefited productivity. Financial business processes, particularly financial modelling and operational reporting can benefit from similar practices.​


Valuation Process and Automation Assessment

Are you confident that you are getting everything out of your LDTI, IFRS17, or valuation automation project(s) that you could be? Is your company realizing all the benefits it should be from these transformational projects? At Lenalysis we think that these types of projects are a great opportunity for companies to reduce risk and increase the impact that your solutions are providing the enterprise using strategic investments in process and technology.

Cloud Enablement Questionnaire for Insurance Technology Professionals

As a technology professional in the insurance domain, you are aware of the significant opportunities that cloud enablement and automation is having on your industry.  From financial systems transformation, to application modernization, and cost savings initiatives, the cloud is becoming the de facto standard for a technology platform.  For over a decade, we have worked with companies at various stages of cloud maturity.


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