Application Development

Custom Software Solutions

Our customers businesses have specific problems and opportunities that custom software can help overcome and realize.  Custom software can provide new found flexibility and efficiency by tailoring a solution to an organization’s specific needs. Lenalysis works to build our customer’s ideal applications.  By using our proven delivery methodology, we can achieve predictable and high-quality results.  We specialize in internal, business-to-business, and business-to-consumer applications.

We employ traditional and agile delivery models to best fit the needs of our customers.

Web Application Development

Build a web app that people love.  Our web developers are experts in the latest web technologies.  We can also provide user experience and user interface experts to help you build a compelling experience.

Desktop Application Development

Many organizations have a specific need for a desktop application.  Sometimes the local processing power is needed (graphics or CPU).  We can partner to build a compelling desktop experience on both Windows, MacOS, and Linux.  We also have experience updating legacy desktop applications.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps can be compelling points of engagement to both internal users as well as customers.  We can deliver a cross-platform mobile experience to capture the attention of your users.

Application Architecture

We can help both with application architectural reviews and assessments.  We can also partner with our customer’s architects and developers to assist in laying a good foundation for a new project.  Have assurance in making the right decisions early on that can be costly to change.  We can help with important architectural decisions regarding:

  • How to make the most of the cloud
  • When to use a microservices architecture versus other architectural approaches
  • How to version, release, and deploy functionality
  • How to develop and deliver highly secure applications
  • How to choose the best database and data design
  • How to establish continuous integration and testing early in a project
  • How to architect an application to support change
  • How to design for high-performance and high-scale
  • How and when to use containers and container orchestration engines
  • How to develop consumable APIs that will change with the business

Application Modernization

There many great applications that need a technology refresh.  Outdated technologies can limit developer productivity and availability of capable developer resources.  We can provide both technology and process upgrades, as well as developer training and retooling.  Lenalysis can help realize the benefits of continuous integration, automated testing, automated deployment and release management, and code quality automation.  We can help with application modernization, including:

  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous deployment
  • Automated testing
  • Containerization
  • Container orchestration
  • Automated code quality checks
  • Cloud deployment
  • Cloud data backup and recovery
  • Developer tooling
  • Application security reviews
  • Exposing modern APIs to legacy applications
  • Code-translation
  • Functional analysis
  • Application rewrites

Delivery Models

We have extensive experience with traditional, agile, and extreme delivery models.  We work with our customers to understand which delivery model is best for each of their specific projects.  We can also phase projects where initial phases of a project use extreme and agile, and as requirements become clear, define traditional delivery milestones.