Cloud Application Development

The cloud has revolutionized how applications are developed.  Cloud native is now the de facto standard for new applications.  With this we see faster time-to-market, greater agility, and lower development costs.  Historically difficult challenges of high-availability, scale, and resource provisioning now have well-proven service-based solutions.  However, the cloud necessitates modern engineering practices, such as automated integration, deployment, and testing.  These modern practices are vitally important for successful outcomes.  We have enormous experience delivering cloud-based solutions and have a proven methodology for successful application delivery.

Cloud Application Migration

There are many ways to approach application cloud migration.  We can navigate these various options between lift-and-shift, partial migrations, and full rewrites.  There is no one way to migrate applications, but there is much to be gained by working with a partner with extensive application migration experience such as Lenalysis.

Cloud Data and Analytics

One of the key value propositions of the cloud is the ability to store, transform, and gain insights from large amounts of data. Whether considering the cloud for an application data solution, or a broader data management and analytics solution, or even a data lake, partnering with Lenalysis can help with their extensive expertise. Cloud data services can provide low-cost solutions to difficult data problems, such as high-availability, backup, and disaster recovery. In addition, there are many value-added cloud platform services that provide advanced capabilities for querying, searching, transforming, analyzing, and reporting on data.

Cloud High-Performance Computing

We work with customers who have high computing needs and run large clusters to perform critical calculations.  The cloud has revolutionized high-performance computing and now has proven technologies that enable usage of tens to hundreds of thousands of computing cores on demand.  With elastic provisioning and payment models, the total cost of large-scale cloud computing is very compelling.  Cloud data technologies have enabled easier management and movement of data between the computing instances.  Also, higher level cluster orchestration and management technologies have made overall cost of ownership much lower than prior approaches.  Lenalysis has significant experience with large-scale cloud computing problems.  We can help tap this virtually limitless computing capacity.