Jump Start Development

Each start-up has a unique situation.  We have partnered with multiple start-ups and our philosophy is to first understand their business, and only then to help them make the most of technology.  Our customers benefit from early engagement by combining their creative energies with our experience and know-how.  Our customers want to have great technology and partnering with us they can be assured they are making the right first steps.  We have multiple engagement model, including architectural assessments, proof-of-concepts, pilot programs, and full go-to-market solutions.

Architectural Design and Assessments

We can help define an agile architecture that will scale with a start-up’s growing business, while maintaining enough agility to adapt to change when needed.  The wrong decisions early in a project can be very costly.  Lenalysis can help make important decisions regarding:

  • How to balance agility and risk
  • How to make the most of the cloud
  • When to use a microservices architecture versus other architectural approaches (e.g., traditional, event-driven, service-oriented)
  • How to version, release, and deploy functionality
  • How to develop and deliver highly secure applications
  • How to choose the best database and data design
  • How to establish continuous integration and testing early in a project
  • How to architect an application to support change
  • How to design for high-performance and high-scale
  • How documentation can be valuable without unnecessary cost

Product Management

Even with a robust product strategy, and a great development team, efficiently managing product development can be very challenging. Lenalysis can help by leveraging proven methodologies that we can custom-fit to a start-up’s specific goals and business context. We can provide understanding for when and how to use agile vs. traditional development methodologies. We can also help start-ups maximize their valuable subject matter experts time, without wasting energy adopting cookie-cutter processes.

Development Practices, Tooling, and Automation

We help start-ups make solid decisions regarding software development practices and tooling.  We can provide guidance and hands-on expertise for setting up best-practice continuous integration and testing workflows to ensure consistently high quality.  We can help make decisions on development environments and automation tooling.  Our expertise in these areas allow us to set development teams on a good foundation.  We can also provide experts that embed themselves in teams to help ramp up the team on processes and tooling.