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End-to-End Valuation Automation Reference Architecture

Does the reporting requirements of VM20, LDTI or IFRS17 concern you?

Are you preparing an initiative to start looking at automating your end-to-end valuation process? We have developed a comprehensive solution for end-to-end valuation automation, where we provide a document with comprehensive reference requirements and multiple technology designs to jump-start your project.

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Improve Your Team’s Productivity with Modern Engineering Practices

Practices have emerged in technology organizations over the last two decades to assist in the management of portfolios of applications and data. These modern practices have significantly benefited productivity. Financial business processes, particularly financial modelling and operational reporting can benefit from similar practices.

Customer Success Stories

Lenalysis Helped Start-Up with Proof-of-Concept and Early Product Development

Business Problem

A financial software start-up had a business product idea they were passionate about but didn’t know how to build the product. They were concerned that the opportunity window was closing for them to be the first to market with their product.

Lenalysis Helped By

  • Interviewed potential customers as well as subject-matter experts in the field to develop product specifications
  • Developed proof-of-concept application that could be demonstrated to potential customers for early feedback
  • Designed, developed, and deployed v1 application that could be sold as a Software-as-a-Service cloud offering


  • Today, they have successfully sold and delivered this to over 50 customers
  • Delivered proof-of-concept within two months, delivered v1 within four months
  • Product adoption exceeded expectations and considered extremely successful
  • Product delivered on-time and on-budget
  • Lenalysis continues to be involved and has delivered multiple major enhancements to the application

“The Lenalysis team is thoughtful, professional, and effective. They have helped us solve extraordinary technical challenges and deliver quality software to our clients. We know that the Lenalysis team is always doing their best work for us, and we are always impressed and delighted by their deliverables.”

Actuarial Software Start-Up Technology Upgrade

Business Problem

An early stage actuarial software start-up had outgrown their software technology’s ability to keep pace with their rate of growth and increasing complexity of delivery. This was causing them to slow their growth of their company. It also strained their relationships with their existing customers as well as threatened their relationships with new clients.

Lenalysis Helped By

  • Engaged the company’s actuarial team to deeply understand business problems.
  • Developed plan for a major technology upgrade, which included a rewrite of their actuarial modelling and calculation components and deployment into a cloud computing environment.
  • Rewrote and re-platformed their actuarial modelling and calculation components
  • Established efficient business processes for the onboarding of new customers onto application.


  • Successfully migrated the application to a modern architecture based written in C# .NET and hosted on Microsoft Azure.
  • Deployed a scalable computing cluster, that allows the application to perform highly complex actuarial calculations in a fraction of the previous time.
  • Numerous customers have been successfully onboarded onto the updated technology platform, allowing the start-up to sell a more capable product to a broader customer base.

“Lenalysis has provided us with the highest quality of software development we could expect. They are very professional and attentive. I would recommend them for any development projects you may have.”

Data Conversion Application for Global Actuarial Consulting Firm

Business Problem

A global actuarial consulting firm was assisting a large life insurer in taking over a block of life insurance policies as a result of a recent M&A. The insurer needed to build an application to convert life insurance policy data files from a legacy data format to a format that would run in their actuarial modelling platform. The conversion was highly complex and required detailed analysis of the insurance products. Without the ability to convert this policy data, the insurer would have been unable to meet regulatory reporting requirements, potentially costing the insurer significant amounts in penalty fees.

Lenalysis Helped By

  • Collaborated with actuarial team to analyze the insurance products of the policy data
  • Authored detailed analysis and design documentation to capture the output of the analysis of the policy data
  • Collaborated with actuarial team to specify the data conversion needs
  • Developed, tested, and delivered the conversion application


  • We delivered a working application that met the needs of the insurer
  • The application can be easily run from a user’s desktop computer, or hosted as an automated service
  • Delivered and intuitive graphical user interface allowing the actuaries to easily debug potential problems in source data
  • Today, highly performant: large model point files (10GB) can be easily processed on a laptop in less than two minutes, allowing them much faster turnaround time when analyzing regular extracts of policy data